Lumie Bodyclock

When starting my new job, one of my biggest concerns was getting up early in the mornings. I’ve never ever been an early bird. I struggled getting up for school, constantly slept in / late for lectures at university. Starting my new job, I realised that this was something I needed to tackle and get help with. No alarm clock was going to help this time.

Discussing this topic at work, one of the girls mentioned she had a Lumie Bodyclock. Already knowing about this product from watching a blog about a girl from Sunderland got for her birthday. I was intrigued to learn more about this. Like most people in this era which we live in, if we get stuck or need an answer we do one thing straight away and that’s Google. Social Media & Google have made such a difference to the way I learn, look and buy products. I will look at peoples reviews, blogs and vlogs on what they think about the product. I know out there you can be paid to write positive reviews on websites. I should know, as I’ve done this.

I am sat here on New Years Day, talking about my love for this product. I’ve now had this for nearly two months, but it’s helped my sleep pattern. When going home for Christmas, I realised how much it has helped me when not waking up to the light.

The idea of the Lumie Bodyclock is it gradually wakes you up with a natural brightening light. Before going to sleep I set the alarm to make the room go naturally dark 30 minutes before I go to sleep. I set it for 30 minutes before I want to wake up. For me, I do naturally drop off after it goes dark, but it calms me down and makes me more relaxed. Waking up I naturally feel more alert and brighter and not down. The best thing is, as it’s natural light, when going into electric lights its easier on my eyes. I know this might sound daft, but if you have head problems like me, you want natural light as much as possible.

I am intrigued for the future and how it will benefit me when the lighter mornings come. How it will help? One vlogger said she only uses her during the winter months as this is when she mostly needs it. Another blogger uses it all year round to keep her own bodyclock in a pattern. For me I’m not sure and time will tell. So far this was one of the best products I got during 2015. Dad, if you’re reading this, thank you for ordering it for me!

If your like me and struggle to wake up, constantly sleep in, tried all different alarm clocks, medication, sleep therapy courses and lifestyle changes. Try the Lumie Bodyclock, you might be surprised like me.

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