2015 Year Review

Being New Year’s Day, looking at different blogs their’s an increasing trend of people writing about their 2015 year. I wasn’t going to do this, but I kind of feel like that I want to as a reminder in years to come to say what happened during my first year having my blog.

Bounce Below – A weekend in Wales Trampolining with the girls. Looking back I was a bit of a wimp, but knowing I got through it and enjoyed myself was worth it. Will definitely go back one day. Staying in the caravan, the food inc Chesney and the drinks was perfect. Thank you girls for this fab day.


Meeting Charlotte White – In 2015 I was lucky to visit two shows, one in Harrogate with my Mum and London with my Dad and his wife. Both shows were a lot of fun. Meeting Charlotte White was amazing and getting tips from her was brilliant. Aim for 2016 is to get her cookery book and make her Red Velvet Cake recipe.


2015-06-21 16.09.40-1

Trip to Oakworth – For my birthday this year, me and mum went to York Railway Musuem to watch The Railway Children. The set was amazing, having a real train and a set which really made you think you were in Oakworth.


Trying Snails for the first time – For my birthday this year, me, Dad and his wife went out to dinner. I tried Snails for the first time, surprisingly found out they are similar to what I imagined them to be.

2015-08-14 20.04.43.jpg

Nephew Love – In September my nephew turned one and in June time I found out that I am going to be an auntie again with bump due in February. I’m so excited with the prospect of having another little one to spoil. To know Josh is going to be a big brother, makes me smile from ear to ear. This year has been made that more special by seeing him and feeling like the luckiest aunt in the world. I’ve seen him take his first crawl, his first steps, eat new foods, interact more and be the perfect little one. Allowed me to look after him for the day. I love you Josh, to Sarah and Adam, thanks for being the parents that allow me to see him! I appreciate it a lot!!!


There’s my 2015 highlights, not including much more I could have said about like my new job, a 60th birthday, visiting the coca cola truck, a trip to Alnwick and Northumberland, meeting up with Mark after two years and finally meeting his boyfriend Cbris. The obvious one making the transition from living in the North-East to living in Surrey. (That’s another blog!)

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