Practice Makes Perfect

From being young, teachers, family members, friends, role models, TV, books, films and people around me have always said that practice makes perfect. This is true, in order to do something successfully then you need to be able to practice in order to do something right. This means you have to experience or practice something. Even in different parts of my life growing up, I’ve had to cope with situations, but this meant re-doing something and over time it became easier. Witnessing and talking to children with life-threatening conditions. Talking to people who have been in situations you can’t even imagine. Talking in front of large groups of people about a topic. Even dealing with media. In order to become successful you need to be able to practice. How do you do this if your not given the chance to practice?

Having Fibromyalgia means that you have a constant battle with anxiety, dealing with pressure and coping under different situations. In a previous blog I spoke about that in work, it’s not personal it’s business and you put on another head. Though this is something which is never going to be perfected, I’m having lots of practice to make it perfect, one day.

In my life at home, dealing with family and parents, I feel like I now have to adjust on dealing with them. For that it comes with practice. Working from the age of 16 in different roles, with different people and different job opportunities. I’m now able to cope with things thrown at me at work. Well, I hope I do! With my family I don’t believe that I’m given the opportunity.

So to my family, if you’re reading this, please allow me the chance to practice, give me the opportunity to deal with coping at life things. I can do it, I know I can, but I need you all to believe I can. I love you lots but at times, well you know. Allow me the practice to cope with situations, because practice does make perfect. Once you do something more than once it becomes easier. Whether it be a situation you deal with, a place to visit or a phone call. I’m not the little girl you think I am, but the adult who has been in different situations and have had to come out the other end. Please don’t shut me out, keep things away from me or protect me. It doesn’t work and it makes it worse for me. Understand that I have a condition, but I’m stronger then you would like to believe at times. All I want is to have the opportunity to practice, so I can become the perfect daughter, sister, auntie – that you all keep saying I can be.

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