It’s beginning to not look like Christmas…

Normally this time of year I’m all upset the thought of putting the decorations back in the loft, not having a selection of movies to watch, the food you only get at Christmas has been eaten up and the thought of going back to school, university or work will come around quickly. This year it’s not like that…..

I’m actually pleased the tree’s are being taken down. The decorations are put away. Christmas songs are not being played on the radio. Thank goodness as hearing Michael Buble’s – It’s Christmas and Mariah Carey screaming – All I want for Christmas was far too much by the end. Even making me become fearful of listening to the radio in the morning on my way into work.

As everyone is slowly getting back into being at work, school, roads are becoming busy and the hope of spring is around the corner keeps everyone jolly. So thought I would list the five hot topics at the moment that makes me realise “It’s beginning to not look like Christmas!!!!”

  1. Everyone becomes more concious about their weight – I feel like holiday weight is a substitute of baby weight for non-pregnant people. Everyone wants to be slim, join gyms and do classes.
  2. Being healthy – salads, fruit, shake diet drinks are hot topics in work at the moment
  3. Countdowns begin – holidays, birthdays, weddings etc they’ve all began
  4. Valentine’s Cards & Easter Eggs – Yep they’re back in the shops – am I surprised – not really as it happens every year! First one was spotted in Tesco day I went back to work. Cadbury Cream Egg advert is telling everyone to have an affair……. maybe not!
  5. What everyone got for Christmas – suppose what do you expect with everyone just got back….

Not forgetting – dry January and new years resolutions!

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