What is the point of the FA Cup?

It’s FA cup weekend. In some houses this would mean something but to me it means nothing has changed. Lots of football players, lots of fans complaining, old men talking about the game and how they would do it differently if they were a manager or player. The only difference I see is that instead of the teams playing in a league they play other teams they wouldn’t normally play. Giving them experience of playing more professional teams.

Why do we need yet another football league and one which is rather pointless? When being explained tonight about the FA cup it sounds more like a team building networking event for all clubs. Bringing the football league altogether as one big happy family.

Is the FA cup worth it? Is it something someone made up to fill in gaps and make the football season longer. Either way, I don’t really get it. It just means that there is even more football on the TV. No difference to any other weekend apart from who plays who.

To end the matter on this pointless FA cup is that I can’t wait for Six Nations to begin, because that’s a competition that makes sense!

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