Popcorn vs a lump of sugar

The Guardian reported today “Eating popcorn in the cinema makes people immune to advertising.” Though new concepts of advertising is changing all the time. How does this actually work? I know popcorn is a staple food you have when going to cinema. Well for me, I know others who order sweets, nachos, hotdogs and even fruit! Yes fruit. Ok. She was on a diet, but still fruit! In the article it says that they conducted a test on two groups. First group were eating popcorn and could hold information about the adverts. Second group who were watching that advert couldn’t hold information unlike the first. This is due to they were eating a lump of sugar. I’m all up for doing tests, results, customer focus groups etc as they get real opinions of real people. To give one group some popcorn and other a lump of sugar is a bit unfair. They should have had something more nibbly to eat like nachos or even fruit. I don’t think eating popcorn will break the advertising world and how we take in adverts.


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