What’s in a swear word?

In work the team near me decided to start a swear cup but not a normal one. You don’t put money into this swear cup, but you put what you wrote into the swear cup. Whilst people had been putting swear words into the cup, some more than others. It was discussed today what is a swear word? Like most things in life, interpretation on how an individual perceive something was there. So the debate was on, what’s in a swear word? What do you count as a swear word? I know some people in life take swearing as something you don’t do. However others see it as day to day words you use. I know my parents brought me up to believe its wrong to swear, but as an adult I disagree on some. I don’t see the word friggin’ a swear word, but I do see the word fuck as one. I don’t see arse as a swear word either, but I think that’s because of Jim Royal. In work today as people had different opinions on what is a swear word, there was only one way to go, that is Google. Google led us to http://www.noswearing.com/dictionary where it says what is and isn’t a swear word. Today I learnt different perception of what is a swear word and what isn’t is different to everyone, but one thing in common, makes you think about if you swear in work or not!

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