Barbie’s new friends

It’s 11pm on a Thursday night, long day at work, fibro playing up, nothing’s packed to go back to the North East tomorrow. As normal I am procrastinating on Twitter, when I should be doing something more constructive. However Barbie is trending, working in the toy industry I clicked onto see why it was trending. Barbie has announced that they will be expanding their range and introducing a tall, petite and curvy Barbie.This excites me. Not just because I am now working for an amazing Toy Retailer, become slightly obsessed reading all things toy related but because I am a curvy girl. To me having a doll I can relate to would be awesome. I think toys should be toys and not have a stigma attached to them. In the world, we all don’t look the same (unless your a twin – like a friend pointed out to me!), we all don’t think the same and we all come from different backgrounds in life. Like I said in my previous blog about kids dressing up, I agree with this. I feel that having a toy range where a doll is in a wheelchair or like the Toy Like Me range is something I would encourage. I know friends who have children who encourage this. Reading blogs on the internet, many out there do. I wasn’t a child who played with Barbie but liked Fireman Sam and Noddy more. I think tonight I applaud Barbie for bringing this new range out, excites me to see what else they bring out. When I can get a chance to own my very own Curvy Barbie!

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