Happy New Year… again!

Happy New Year!!!

So you’re going to think I’m mad by saying this, but to me I am restarting the year off again. 2016 for me will not have the traditional 12 months of the year, but 11 months of the year as I am ruling out January.

I don’t want to go into too much detail, with facts and personal stuff being disclosed but it hasn’t been great. To sum up, I’ve had three people in my family in hospital. I’ve had a night which I would rather not remember. An argument which escalated into something about nothing. Two many tears rolling down my face. Too many hours wasted on counting sheep trying to sleep. Too many anxious moments causing lots of fibro attacks. It’s been one busy month, one I would not like to repeat.

Though January has been a bad month, a few good things have come out of it:

  1. I got to spend time with my nephew, ate battenburg and watched Stella with my sister
  2. I do have people I can call when in need / trouble (not just my family!)
  3. I realised my work colleagues are amazing people and so thankful to have them all
  4. I’ve started believing in myself again
  5. Learnt one powerful lesson in life thanks to work, home, family, friends etc!

Though January 2016 has been a relatively awful month, some good things have come out of it. Overall not a month I would like to repeat. Here’s to 2016, let’s make it a good year, from 1st February 2016 onwards!

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