Packing Drama: Part one

The worst bit about planning a trip away is the dreaded thought of having to pack. I’ve never been any good at it. Even as a kid, my mum went through my bags to make sure I had everything. I always leave things behind. Forget to pack something. Forget to think about the activities I will be doing when away. Check weather forecast to reflect the packing. Generalness I am pure useless over packing. The thought of having to pack is dreading me with fear. I know what we’re doing, but I’m unsure on what to wear. The thing that makes me panic the most, is packing the wrong outfit for the occasion. Nights out – I can just about do. Travelling to and from – I can do that too. I can’t seem to do activities. That’s what is making me stuck. How do you do this?

In the past when I’ve been to places with friends, they have given me tips, but even these don’t work.

  1. Make a list of the things you need. Go through the list. Check it off one by one.
  2. Look at weather – sunny = flipflops, rain = waterproof
  3. Be prepared – buy things in advance so no last minute shopping
  4. A friend once said, plan your clothes around the colour so they interlink and it means you pack less things and you know it will all work when styling your outfit.
  5. If you forget something, you’ll find a shop you can buy it or a friend you can borrow it off!

It’s my mission this week to prove to myself, that I can pack and do it right! Either way I think making a list will be best foot forward at the moment.

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