I’m an Aunty…. again!

After introducing myself on my blog, my second blog was about my nephew Josh, how him being born, making me an Auntie is the best feeling ever. He lights up my world, makes me proud, encourages me to do well and pushes me everyday. 17 months later, 99 posts later, here is my 100th post on my blog, telling you about my new little nephew.

One busy Monday in work, I get a message of my sister saying she has gone into hospital as she’s having contractions, my dad is on his way to look after Josh and one Mother on recuperation all excited texting me too. After work, I headed to my sisters house, watched an episode of Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse, put Josh to bed, realised you cannot get Fish and Chips near her house and ended up reintroducing my Dad to Dominoes. I got packed off back to my dads to get some sleep, while him and his wife stayed over night at Sarah’s. In the early hours of the morning Sarah gave birth to another little boy called Eoin. (As I don’t speak Irish, I honestly thought his name was “Eeeyoooo-in” like Eeyore, but I soon found out it’s Owen but in Irish.)

After surviving their first night together, and another day in work I went and had my first cuddle and the important first selfie. When Josh was born, I made sure I had the first. He was so little, so cute, fell head over in love with him just like Josh,  but I was so thankful they allowed me to have a cuddle!

I am so excited to see what the future holds. Josh introduced me to nappys, baby food, making me appreciate it when I see him laugh, smile, crawl, walk for the first time. I’ve learnt so much from him, I am so thankful. Who knows what Eoin will teach me, but I know that I am all excited to find out!!

Something will stay the same, like I predicted in my second blog about Josh. He will become a Disney Geek, like his mum, Grandma, Me and his big brother Joshua. I’m still excited about going off to meet Mickey for the first time soon. Looking forward to seeing Eoin smile, crawl, laugh and walk and what Josh is like when he does this.Overall I am just excited to see what life brings!

Being an Aunty, is one of the best gifts in the world you can ever receive, thank you Sarah and Adam!

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