Bucket List – Visit the Guinness Factory!

Last weekend, 19th to 21st February I went to Dublin for a friend’s hen do. She’s called Jess, she’s marrying a bloke called Tom, who she met at a beer festival and they now on a dog called Ziggy. I learnt that all of her stories from when she was little involves a lake and a dog. I’ve known her since September 2008, we met at university, she is the most kindest, friendliest person I’ve met. I am lucky to call her a friend and thankful I got invited to her hen do and wedding!

For me I was lucky, as I got a chance to tick something off my Bucket List – visit the Guinness Factory, well Stonehouse. If you have never been, I would recommend it. The tour lasts, well as long as you want. We did it all in about 2 hours. We did each floor including, how it’s made, how it’s stored, blah blah…. Though I learnt how it was made, how it came about, I actually got bored. Me and the girls whizzed round! The only floor I really liked was the tasting floor and the advertising floor! The tasting floor was interesting, as you walk down a very dark tunnel and then walk into a very bright white room. When walking in I thought I was going to meet Willy Wonka, sadly he wasn’t there. You get given a mini pint of Guinness and told not to drink it until the next room. The next room is like what I imagine a 1900s pub to look like. Dark and filled with pics of old men. You then taste it, being told you can see the redness in the pink (yep red not black!), the taste of coffee and chocolate and the bitterness! After supping that we went onto¬†advertising floor, which had lots of information about past marketing ideas, statues of animals holding a Guinness including a Kangaroo. Lots about the current campaign “Good things come to those who wait.” After you’re done their, you move onto get your complimentary pint! Where you climb two flights of stairs to Guinness Heaven, a 360 degree room with a view over Dublin. I didn’t realise how big the city was until there. Served by a man called Patrick, I supped my pint of Guinness, took lots of selfies, photos with the girls and looked out. We went back down stairs where we went for a wander around the gift shop. I didn’t buy anything, as you can buy the food here in the UK, I didn’t spot anything to buy. We left and I was glad I achieved another goal of my bucket list!

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