Packing Drama: Part two

After being home for over a week, since my weekend away in Dublin with the girls to celebrate Miss Yates getting married. I’ve realised that I never finished my blog about packing. I thought I would do a quick update on how it went.

It all started whilst in work, doodling. I made a list and planned my outfits of what I was going to wear to each day. I made a list of all the things I needed per outfit. I even made a list of toiletries, makeup etc I would need and didn’t forget my pjs or toothbrush! Managed to pack an extra top to change into as I spilt wine down my jumper on first day! Ooops!!!

I checked the weather forecast and knew it was going to rain, so prepared with a waterproof jacket and umbrella. Unfortunately the umbrella didn’t work and was laid to rest in a bin in Guinness Stonehouse. Must remember to buy a new one!

I was prepared to buy last panic items, I am now calling it – which included a new travel deodorant, dry shampoo (life saver!) and batteries at the airport!

I didn’t plan my outfit around a colour, but what went with jeans and boots. It worked, swopped tops and was even comfy travelling back. Some of the others were wearing leggings, but I thought it was cold enough, thank god I didn’t! I don’t think I would have been warm enough!

Last but not least I was prepared to buy if I forgotten anything during the trip. This didn’t occur lucky enough – except for a new scarf and pins!

Overall a successful packing trip. I think I have now learnt my lesson over the key to packing – know what you are doing, where you are going and plan, plan, plan!!!! To Ken, Lois and Yatessy – I might have conquered my packing phobia! Let’s plan the next one before I curse it again!

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