Does she only love me when I’m a sleep?

So I know I’m a day late with this blog, but if truth be told this is the first chance I’ve actually had time to sit down and write it. Living near London, your Mum living in the North-East means that you have to either pay outrageous train fares or you sit in a car driving for five hours. I chose to sit in a car for five hours. It was worth it seeing my mum, having a hug, going shopping and spending time with each other and the food, that’s always good. As it was Mother’s Day weekend, I left work and drove the hours to go up and see her. The past few months, my Mum’s been not good having surgery. However her having the surgery was probably one of the best things she has done as it’s given back her freedom. I thought in this blog instead of doing the typical, I love you style blog about my mum, I would explain why I think my mum is the best mum.

  1. She always thinks of me, my sister and my nephews, her grandsons first. When she’s been on recovery, she made my little nephew, Josh his first World Book Day costume. He went to nursery as Elmer the Elephant. She said that though she didn’t feel great whilst preparing it, she wanted to complete it for him. One day Josh will see the photo, I will remind him that his Grandma made it for him, when she wasn’t feeling great. To remind him to think of others first like his Grandma did.
  2. She’ll always find a way to make me smile. It doesn’t matter what we are doing, going through tough times or fun times, she’ll always find a way to make me smile. I think everyone should have someone in their life who can do this.
  3. Might not be the best idea, but we’ll make it work. So many times, I came into the house whilst running a brownie pack, saying I’ve come up with a great idea. It might not always be the most practical or best idea, but we always had a go. So many times she came up with solutions I didn’t even know existed. I think all mums are like this, they have secret knowledge of things, well mine does.
  4. No judgement, just listening ears. So I’m not going to say I’m perfect, because I certainly am not. However, when I admitted to some of the things I have done, she never judged me but listened to why I did it. I respect her for this, as I don’t always listen, but when I realise I don’t make the same mistake twice. She never judges me, always says it’s your lesson to be learnt.
  5. Loving me when I’m a sleep. Some people find this strange when mum says she only loves me when I’m asleep. When you get to know me, you’ll understand why she says this. As I’ve been told this since I was a kid, I know it’s not just then but all the time, that’s why I love her. Thanks mum for being the best mum, loving me unconditionally, through the ups and downs and being there throughout it all. I seriously couldn’t imagine having anyone but you as my mum.

Love you lots Mum. Your one in a million and I am lucky to have you as my mum.


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