February and March favourites

As I’ve not been blogging as much, due to being busy in life. I thought I would start a new, slightly stolen taken from another blogger with fibromyalgia, saying about the things which I have been loving lately. A blogger posts this every month, when they have been having a fibro flare. Wanting to let people know what she’s been up to, but not having to type/concentrate in doing it. Here are the things I’ve been loving lately in February / March time.

  • Six Nations Rugby players
  • Kindereggs toys
  • Gaz (And My Parsnip)
  • Sugar free caramel coffee syrup
  • The latest series of Stella
  • Toy bloggers and vloggers
  • Pore professional by Benefit
  • Trying the new triple oreo chocolate bar
  • Strawberry flavoured Gaviscon
  • My new grey handbag!
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