International Women Day!

As it’s International Women’s Day today, being a woman myself, I thought I would share my thoughts on some great women. These women have all inspired, influenced and made me feel proud to be a woman. I could say about the women around me inspiring me, but I think my mum, my sister, my godmother Linda, my uni-girls, Anna and Amy, BrownOwl and Brenda from Disney all know how much I respect and admire them. So here are my 8 famous women who have inspired me so far in my life.

  1. Lady Baden Powell. This Lady alongside her hubby started the movement of Guiding, pointing out there was nothing for girls. Without her doing this so many young girls, teenagers and women wouldn’t have opportunities, memories of their own Guiding experience.
  2. Margaret Thatcher. Some hate her, some love her, some didn’t understand her. As a woman, she stood her ground, stood up for what she believed in and has one most famous quotes of our time “This lady is not for turning.” Despite if you think she is a wicked witch or a queen, what she did for this country, is something that needs to be respected in years to come.
  3. Melissa McCarthy. I’ve spoke about her in past blogs, loving everything she does and nothings changed, as I think she is amazing. Standing up for being a plus size, being a successful actress in her own right. She has gone from strength to strenght, why she’s not been invited back into the new series of Gilmore Girls, well its an outrage!
  4. Sharon Osbourne. Another one, who you might love or hate or don’t understand. Pure respect for her, loved her on The Osbournes and the fact she made her kid do a poo and sent it through the post – classic! When I was 16 I was obsessed with The Osbournes, mum bought me her book, it was one of my first autobiography. You never understand a person, unless you meet them, with her I feel like you know her and it doesn’t matter if you meet or don’t meet.
  5. Karen Brady. A woman who I don’t know much about and would like to learn more, my next read in books I think is Karen Brady. However her business sense, the way she does business is one that should be awarded. If anyone in the world of business, I hope to be like her on The Apprentice.
  6. Tia and Tamera Mowry. So I maybe cheating with them  as they are twins and should be counted as two. However, I was a 90s kid who grew up watching Sister Sister, then there reality television show which I got hooked to. Either way, I respect these women, they embrace their culture and background. Both have different styles, outlook on life, career paths etc. When it comes to being sisters they are there for each other.
  7. Rebel Wilson. Another actress who I admire when it comes to being proud to be a plus size and embracing this. She’s hilarious, owns everything she touches and doesn’t take life seriously.
  8. Charlotte Crosby. I think someone who can go onto a television show, get drunk a lot and come out having the number one fitness DVD and autobiography. Shows you where you can go in life. The fact she’s a North-Eastern like me makes me think she needs to be awarded this place on my list.

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