What’s in a name?


My name Charlotte came from my parents because they liked it, my middle name Louise is after the midwife from when I was born. Growing up I didn’t like to be called, Charlotte. It was always shortened to Char and Charlie. When I got my job at Disney, I chose to be Charlie, which has stuck with me ever since, even today. As my friends know, as I’ve got older, I’ve become to like Charlotte and why my blog is called itsacharlottething13 and not itsacharliething13.

I was discussing names with a friend as she is trying to decide on what to call her baby. She showed me this pin she found, it made me think.When I first meet people, I’m shy but I soon open up once comfortable. I do love to party, but chilled when on a night out. I do love my family and my friends, old and new and always kind and funny. However ‘the girl that all the guys are secretly in love with’, I’m not quite sure about that one.

It’s got me thinking if my name wasn’t Charlotte, what would I be like? Does a name determine how you turn out? I understand star signs, the meaning behind them but for names – I’m not sure? I wonder if Charlotte Crosby from Geordie Shore or Charlotte Rose from WWE would agree, or in a few years Princess Charlotte. If you are a Charlotte and reading this do you agree with this?


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