What’s in my boot?

You’ve heard of those people who live out their car, yeah? A few years ago, I was that person. Being on the road as a party entertainer, you often kept essential items, a spare balloon pump, leggings, cans of energy drinks, leads and microphones. 9 out of 10 times I needed at least one of them every weekend, in case I broke something, didn’t work or managed to get a whole in my knee. Travelling from one gig to the next across the North East, you never knew where the nearest Maplan or Tesco was. I thought this was just a thing you did in this profession. As I left this job entered others, I’ve kept my boot full with things I need just in case. Don’t get me wrong I have the other essentials we should all have, spare tyres, things to get the knuts loose, a high vis jacket, first aid kit, blankets, even money for pay phones.

My family and friends have always taken the Mickey out of me. For when we go out shopping and struggle to get all the bags in the boot or plan a trip away and can’t get the suitcase in. Working for Geoffrey, I’ve realised that this is not just me as fellow work people are the same. One of the girls keeps at least 6 pairs of shoes in hers, one of them keeps toys in the back for her kids and another dog treats and leads. It got me thinking what items do we keep in our boots?

I thought I would share my own “What’s in my boot?” to show what I keep in my boot, if anyone else is the same?

  • Shoes. I have about 5 or 6 pairs of shoes in my boot. Some are left over from when I have been away or been left their for a long time. They include trainers, ballet pumps for work, two pairs of heels and a pair of boots. All essentials.
  • Tampons. As a girl, I always get caught out, so having these is essential for me each month.
  • Titan bars. Aldi’s fake mars bars, essential when you have Fibromyalgia. For a few years I’ve experienced water bubbles on my eyes. I have realised that when this happens I need food, the only thing which helps is mars bars because of the caramel. Having these in my boot helps me, Aldi is the best around.
  • Drinks. I say drinks loosely as I have both coke cans, sports drinks and water in the car. All essentials in my eyes.
  • Screen Wash. First essential car item, most people have this, I have excessive amount as yet again I always get caught out.
  • Socks and tights. Feet get cold, feet get wet, you swop shoes or they get holes in. In case any of this happens I have black socks and spare tights in my boot.
  • Lots and lots of music. I own a iPod, I use my iPod in the car, but there’s something about having cds in the car I love.
  • Jerry Can. So this was left in my boot after the last brownie camp. To be fair it has never come in handy but something I’ve kept in, just in case.
  •  Deodrant. I’ve recently watched Big Stars Little Stars where Lee Ryan’s son, explained that he has different aftershave for the car. This may sound odd, but I have deodrant and body sprays in the car which came in handy a lot when turning up to walk half a sleep.
  • Bottle / Wine Opener. I often kept this in my car when at university. It’s saved me  a few times when I’ve gone away. Now it’s mostly bottle opener as most wine I drink is screw top.

What does everyone else have in their boot? Am I normal, do other people have the same or do they have anything different? Is your  boot clean and tidy? Either way talking to the girls in work I think I’m normal.

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