Driving around the UK

I’ve often thought about doing a blog series. I could write about either, reviewing books, recipes, what you wear for work, make up or something Disney related. As I follow quite a few of these already, I’ve finally decided on one tonight. Driving down South vs Up North! This has crossed my mind to do, tonight I have decided to post my first blog in this blog series. Here it is…..

….Blog One!

When I passed my driving test back in September 2010, I drove down to my dads for the first time in the Ocoober, during half term. Before setting off, my dad said be careful of the roads when you get further south as people tend to drive more aggressively. Not really knowing what he meant, I soon found out when on the M40. Having people cut you off left right and centre, roads being confusing and people driving at different speeds. As I came down more, I got used to it. Since I started my job, I see this every day I drive in. People cutting you up, skipping lights and suddenly turning not giving you any warning.

Driving home tonight – I nearly got squashed between a lorry, a car and the central reservation barrier. Someone in a non existing lane cut me up, as I was first in the que at the lights to go straight ahead.

I’m not a timid driver, tonight this guy scared me. I wish at times you could ring the police, get them to check cameras. The amount of times you have to put up with no indicator being used, people cutting you up or being idiots on the road. I’ve got used to it and actually find it to be the normal way to drive down south. Who would drive down a non lane, yellow box to cut a young lass in their car to get to the roundabout quicker. Tonight I am angry as he really could have caused an accident and damaged my beloved Sookie. We are all in a hurry to get home or whatever, but there is no need to be an idiot on the road.

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