Throwback to Saint Patrick’s Day

As it’s Saint Patrick’s Day, I thought I would reminisce and remember about past Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations I’ve had. A day to drink Guinness, eat stew and spend with friends.

Saint Patrick’s Day in Disney. Whilst spending a year in Disney, I regularly went on nights out with fellow cast members. Each Monday we did a night where the lads and lasses separately had drinks and games before heading out and meeting up. On this specific night we have themes. As we had many cast members from Northern Ireland, celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day was a must. Lots of Guinness, whisky and a night writing on each other shirts.


Saint Patrick’s Day in Manchester. I met up with a friend, we went for drinks and a night out in Manchester. Every year Guinness do an offer where you buy so many Guinness’s and get a hat. Lucky for me, I like Guinness so it was easy to get the hat. After we got the hats, we ended up down Canal Street, dancing the night away and having lots of drinks.



Saint Patrick’s Day at University. Group of girls, theme of wearing something Green, a student union and Guinness. This means a good night, fun times and a challenge to be set. The challenge was to meet a lad called Paddy on Saint Patrick’s Day night. Lots and lots of drinks later, I thought I did it but the next morning I woke up to find his name was John.


Today is another Saint Patrick’s Day, but sadly no drunken antics to be shared with. However memories of being in Dublin and my friends hen party comes back to me. Going out there definitely makes me want to venture off to Ireland more. So Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you, however you decided to celebrate.


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