Things I like about Spring

I got told today in work that Spring had finally arrived. Mary Berry on her cooking show tonight said that this time of year is about making promises and the wonder of life. I’ve always thought that Spring and Autumn are the best time of year. I think it’s because the seasons change, the way you see the world changes and new things start to arrive and we say goodbye to the things we hate. So here are the things which I like about Spring.

Daffodils. Being a fan of Wales Daffodils are one of my favourite flowers (the other the sunflower). They get planted all over and brighten up areas with their fresh yellow look. It’s the beginning of spring for me.

Lamb. So I’m not going to talk about the four legged furry friend, but more the meat in the oven cooking away. One of my favourite meals, is Roast Lamb. I love it in all it’s glory, especially when my step dad does lamb shanks with roasted garlic! Delicious!!!

Dark Cold Miserable Mornings. I’ve really hated getting up and leaving for work in the dark. If it wasn’t for the fact my dad bought me a bodyclock, I would’ve found it a whole lot worse. Bye bye dark cold morning, hello bright breezy mornings.

Open Windows. I hate a hot room when I go to sleep. As I love the smell of fresh air, I’ve missed having a window open when I sleep. I definitely welcome this back with open arms.

Sunshine and fresh air. This may seem odd, but I actually love weather when it looks all nice and sunny but it’s actually got a clean crisp fresh air feeling. I really do love it. Sitting outside, knowing it is still a bit cold but you have the sun competing to warm you up felt awesome today on lunch time. It makes me think that this weather season is actually my favourite.

The promise of summer. I’m actually looking forward to this summer. I have nothing planned which is exciting. I just like the feeling that the weather gets warmer, days get longer, sunglasses and flip flops can be warn and it’s nearly my birthday. (Ok, the birthday bit might be the best bit about summer! I’m hoping to do something summery with my nephews this year!)

Last but not least…… Beer Gardens. It may be slightly early to think about them, but sunshine, crisp air makes me want to go and sit in one straight away. Here’s to many wasted afternoons spent in them….

Here it is, the things I like and and the things I like to say goodbye to. Here’s to spring, with lamb to eat, Easter to celebrate and the promise of new things happening.

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