Battle To Get Contraception….

We all know about it. We all had the lesson taught to us by our PE teacher (makes no sense today either!). We’ve heard the whispers in the playground. We got taught how to put a condom on a banana and the different ways to prevent giving birth. You’re parents would have explained it as the birds and the bee’s. Today, as a 29 year old woman, I honestly feel let down by the NHS currently. I’m trying to help prevent myself from giving birth. I know the drill, you go on the first day of your period, see a nurse get some pills to take daily at the same time. You go back every three months, they help you prevent giving birth.

First day comes, I ring the doctors and they can’t see me – it’s a Saturday morning I some what can understand. They advise me to go to a walk-in clinic. I go to my local walk-in clinic, 30 minutes later, a nurse who did not listen to me, say she could give me the morning after pill but not the birth control pill. Go to a contraceptive clinic – there’s one on Monday. I ring them, they say yes, we can help arrive before 6.30pm and you can be seen. I arrive before 6.30pm, to be told that they are closing, as there last patient was 30mins ago and they want to go home. I explained who I was, this made no difference and I was sent on my way. The next one wasn’t until Thursday, which was too late. I ring the doctors the next day and they say to book an appointment. That would be all great, but unfortunately not one I can do – I suffer with bad irregular periods. She said well you would have to chance it, but we have a short amount of doctors and little time to see everyone, it’s not an emergency. What would happen if I got pregnant – would you see me then – yes!!

I understand that the NHS has more strain on them, doctors and nurses have added pressure onto them, it’s not for everyone doing this occupation. Please there has to be an easier way to get contraceptive??

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