SJP NYC Perfume

When you’re younger you normally get perfume bought for you either at Christmas time or for your birthday. Going through my odd teenage years, I went through a stage that all my smells had to be “So….?”. I thought I was really trendy going into the local Superdrug in my market town, smelling them all and choosing my favourite. Happened to be the So Kiss me. I had body sprays, perfume, shower products, everything! Even today Mum still brings it up how I stunk the house up with it, putting too much on at times. Past my odd teenager years, I went onto discover DKNY silver range one (can’t remember the name) and the CK One Summer. I mixed and match all the way through until I was age 21 and living in Florida. I first discovered the Marc Jacobs range Daisy and the second is the Sarah Jessica Parker NYC.

Sarah Jessica Parker, is a famous actress, whom I know to mostly be famous for her role as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City. During this time of filming the last series and then the first movie, she created a new perfume to be called NYC. The bottle design was loud and had different patterns on and the smell captured me straight away. The smells of summer, a fruity based one with mandarin, strawberry coming through… I love it. For years I kept to this perfume during the summer months. Like all good products you get addicted to, they get discontinued and for years I have not been able to find this in the shops…..until yesterday!

Out and about wedding prep shopping, I was picking up a new foundation, where I spotted the biggest bottle I have seen on sale of SJP NYC. I think I honestly scared the cashier when I screamed, open the tester and smelt it, went “O………….” did this awkward face and s2016-04-02 15.49.03.jpgaid I need it all…… My favourite perfume was in my hands. I told the cashier about this perfume and how I had not seen it for such a long time. A colleague overheard my conversation and said that the store will be stocking it again over the summer. Too much my excitement, I think I scared her with my overjoyfullness of knowing I can once again buy this perfume.

My favourite product I have got at the moment is my Sarah Jessica Parker perfume of NYC!! I fully recommend anyone to smell and try it and to let me know what you think?

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