Ladies Day and Kate Middleton

All girls know, when it comes to reading about what’s going on in the world of news, the Femail section of the Daily Mail is a must read. This week we’ve had two very different contrasts in the news this week. The first being Aintree Races and the second being Kate Middleton in India.

Each year The Grand National comes around, I always think of three things, the first my Grandma, second to place a bet and the third pictures of Ladies Day. With placing a bet and thinking about my Gran and how she loved it, I checked out the news online. Yet again The Daily Mail, never disappoints with their coverage. Photos of women after a boozy day at the races, means lots of nice photos to begin with and trashy photos to end with. There was one woman who was pictured in a long blue skirt and glitter top, looked stunning. Where the woman in a pink dress with a massive cleverage, looked horrific. I know we are country of drinking and partying (even me!) but when it comes to flashing your assets for the world to see is something not for me.

Kate Middleton is currently visiting India and  I am falling in love with each outfit she wears. I know I’ve already spoke about how I think she’s a role model and how she has a PA, she has her own personal stylist and probably a do and don’t list from the Queen. I am loving all of her outfits. She definitely is a twenty-first century style icon, one which I respect. Her styles are classic, suit her age and modest but not old church style modest. She takes risks in what she wears and rejuvenates old outfits to make it current and fresh.I think my favourite currently is the Temperley dress she wore which reported costed £795.

I know both Kate Middleton and the ladies who attend Ladies Day at Aintree are on different levels and at different events. However both are interesting reads, seeing people style outfits, whoever they might be, is always an interesting read for me. I thought I would share with you all, what I was thinking!

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