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As I’ve not posted blogs for a whilst, I thought I would do an update over “Driving down South vs Up North.” My first one was about an idiot on the road, who decided to move into a non-existent road and cut me up. Since then, this has lucky not happened again. However I am becoming more aware of drivers and odd habits which they do down here and not at home.

Indicators. I’m not saying I’m perfect and there has probably been odd occasions where I have forgotten to signal myself. However when driving to work, I often get to a roundabout, where they come flying around. Cars coming don’t signal which way they are turning.If they started to signal this would help with the que trying to get to that roundabout.

Posh Cars. I have a Seat Ibiza with what I call war wounds on it (duffs or scrapes as some would call them). When on an A road travelling home I often get annoyed when Posh cars cut in front of me as they cannot decide which lane they are suppose to be in. Yes you have a posh car but you need to learn the roads and not think you have control.

Bad Parking. Bad Parking is so annoying, yet again I notice posh cars tend to do this more often. They will park in the middle of two spaces or go at an angle. I got taught to park straight be respectful to other users around you!!

Fag Ends and Trash. Not all the time but I have seen more frequently people who throw out fag ends or empty bottles. My car like I’ve said in previous blogs is a mobile rubbish bin, it’s because I don’t want to throw out empty bottles on main roads. Disgusting habit!

Final one, which really annoys me……

Not saying Thank-you! You do something nice by allowing you to do something, you can say thank you after all…..

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