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The art of colouring as a child has officially began again for this Charlotte.Though I’m not a child, I’m an adult…. good thing there’s adult colouring books to buy.  Colouring books are no longer for children, they are becoming increasingly popular again with adults. You can now walk into shops and get a theme which suits you. I have two, I have one which is based around Harry Potter I got from Costco and another which I got recently from a friend based on Great British Bake Off. Food and Harry Potter, yep that sums me up! I also have the app colorfy too on my phone, which helps to pass time away. I think that this trend is popular due to relaxation, calmness it brings. Suffer’s with Fibromyalgia like me, it means it’s great way to chill after a stressful day and takes your mind off what you are currently thinking about. The only downside is that with the paper versions you have to sharpen pencils. One thing I’m not a fan off as it was a punishment from a teacher when I as younger, brings back lots of memories. If I could avoid sharpening them I would. Apart from that I’m quite enjoying this past time opportunity to colour a cake or a magical creature. Recently my mum discovered, dot-to-dot for adults, my next purchase!


The Great British Cake Off – Colouring Book

A spin-off colouring book inspired by the series of Great British Cake Off. Lots of styles of cakes to colour, however it does make you want to eat cake…. a lot!!



Harry Potter – Colouring Book

Filled with characters and scenes from the series of Harry Potter from Dobby, to Herminone, to the school crests there’s lots to choose from. Great for fans of the movie series, however it does make you want to re-watch the movies. Beware!






Colorfy -Colouring for Adults App

This great free app, allows you to pick and choose designs. You can add colour, remove colour all by the touch of your fingertip. I like the fact you can zoom in too, see the design from different angles. Not purchased a colouring book yet, I recommend downloading this app as a tester.




Top Gear – Dot-to-Dot

My next purchase, need to look out for it in the shops…… love Top Gear!!

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