This is the story of how Bing came home!

The other day my sister took my two nephews to Sainsbury where they went and got some shopping. On entering the supermarket there was a display of Bing items. Bing Bunny is a popular pre-school character who has a show on Cebeebies created by Ted Danson. Josh the oldest has seen episodes of the show as soon as they walked in he said Bing a few times as there was a Bing display. A lady putting the items out, said to Josh “Do you like Bing?” And gave him a £20 talking Bing toy to play with. When you press his tummy Bing says Boo. As Josh started to play more, he kept saying Bing more. As Sarah tried to take it off him he shouted Bing, started getting upset, she carried on shopping. She said to Josh “let’s leave Bing now”, he wasn’t having it. In the end she ended up coming out with a £8 Bing soft toy.

However it makes me think how many parents have been through this on a daily basis? As retailers should we stop staff members pushing toys onto children? If you can’t advertise to children, send mail or direct adverts to them, then isn’t this the same imagething? As a child my grandma went through it with me with a soft toy. I witnessed it a lot working at Disney. I think personally as a retailer you should make a concious effort to not do this. However, my business head thinks extra way to make extra money each day!

Either way I’m undecided but seeing my nephew love Bing is the best – enjoy your new home Bing!


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