Bacon Themed Foods!

As I’ve not done a food blog for a whilst, as a lot has been going on personally, I thought I would blog about food I want to try. This one is bacon theme, because bacon is one of my favourite things to eat.

Bacon Jam. Created by Eat17 brand, sold in Tesco’s, spotted lots by me, but never had a chance to try it. A Martha Stewart recipe originally, created by a
company in East London, this product combines both onion chutney and bacon together in one great jar. I definitely want to try this very soon.

Bacon Toothpaste. Sounds weird. Mint and Bacon. According to Bacon Freak  it does actually clean your teeth. I’ve not heard of anyone trying this or purchasing but it does intrigue me. I can’t stand most toothpaste tastes, but even I know bacon flavour is wrong.

Bacon Toothpaste

Bacon Chocolate. So slightly this isn’t something new as I’ve tried this, it was a sample at a food festival. It tasted great, but I couldn’t buy some as didn’t have any cash, when I went back they sold out. I’ve now spotted, you can get pig candy, caramel bacon bites and bacon flavoured salted caramels. This is something I’m looking forward to trying. Let’s hope it’s back at the festivals this year.


Bacon wrapped Onion Rings. Another combination of two things I love, bacon and onion rings. However, this idea has come from Buzz Feed and watching lots of their food videos. Yes, I cannot wait to make this one too.

Bacon Ice Cream. After bacon wrapped onion ring, desert will be needed. Getting an ice cream maker for my birthday last year, I’ve not really made a lot. I’m a fan of ice cream, fan of bacon, so ideally I don’t think I could fail in liking this food item. Looking forward to making this recipe soon for definite.

Not spotted a bacon alcoholic drink, I want to try yet, but looking forward to seeing if there is one… Either way bacon products are the way forward, looking forward to trying them all.

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