Has he not read Matilda?

On Tuesday, I tuned into Radio 2 listening in to Jeremy Vine talk show. He was discussing how some parents are not sending their child into school that day due to pressure and pointlessness of SATs. SATs or Standard Assessment Tests are given to children aged 7 and 11 years old. They test the children at what ability they are at in English Maths etc. One person text into the show to say “it’s all good for teachers to teach, but do children really listen and these tests are there to prove if they do or not?” A fair comment in my eyes. But one man phoned into the show and got me annoyed. He spoke about how children in deprived areas would have the lowest test marks then children in affluent areas. He said these children in this area when coming out of school at age 16 don’t have standard numeracy and literacy skills and therefore unemployable. Disgraceful in my eyes. Does he not know Roald Dahl’s Matilda? It shouldn’t matter what background the child comes from, it’s about how they act in school. All children should have the same rights to an education and opportunity as every other child across the UK. I’m not a parent, I’m not judging the ones who took their child out. These tests they are given might help their child in the long term.To realise where they need help in and where they excel in. Not all children learn the same. Not all adults learn the same. We all learn differently. We all respond to tests differently. I sat the one at age 11, came out with a low score and I now have a BA Honours and a PGCE. Can we please stop judging children’s abilities from their background and give every child an equal education?

3 Comments on “Has he not read Matilda?

  1. It’s sad how much a student seems to be defined by what background they come from!


    • I’ve met children who are intelligent beyond their years, both from a deprived area in the North East, to a boarding school outside of York. Both clever children. It shouldn’t matter where they come from but how they perform!


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