Someone who fascinates me

Day 6 – Someone who fascinates you and why?

Someone who fascinates me and why has to be Piers Morgan. You probably dislike him or think he’s a buffoon like my dad and his wife. To me I like him. Not for his interview skills, though I do like it. For his belief for gun crime, which fascinates me. Living in America I got used to hearing about gun crime and incidents happening. Even going to down town Orlando I saw gun shops. When Piers said that he could never understand how gun licencing can go ahead when children have been killed in a mass shoot out in a school. I started to respect him. This results him leaving his talk show in America due to his beliefs and not agreeing about this topic. When this got announced I started to become fascinated over him. You may not like him or agree with him. On his beliefs over gun crime in America, I agree with him for that reason he fascinates me.

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