A food you dislike

Day 10 – A fruit you dislike and why. 

A fruit I do not like is Bananas.

This isn’t a recent dislike, it’s being going on since I was about 1 year old. My mum gave me a banana on toast, few mins later I threw it up. She thought it was a one off, on the second attempt I did it again she knew there was something up. As I got older, I disliked the taste, the feel and even the look of it. I could smell it out when it was put into fruit salads. Even today if I see one whole it puts me off straight away. As I got older my taste buds have developed and changed, and slowly starting to like it again. A friend pointed out it is essence so it’s artificial. To me it counts when drinking a banana milkshake or sweets. As a good Auntie, I’ve even gone as far as touching and cutting one up for my nephew Josh. There’s no way I would put one in my mouth which is a whole one, the look itself has put me off for life. I wouldn’t like to put Josh off eating them because I don’t.

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