Getting older…

Day 9 – Your thoughts on ageism. 

From being little parents, teachers, siblings, guiders and family have always told me to respect my elders. Their the people who laid the paths for us to walk through. By this I mean they fought in wars, gave us freedom and help shape the future for the younger generation. Lately I have felt that the respect we should have for the elderly is no longer in today’s society. In the news there has been reports of a woman being scammed over the phone out of nearly £200,000 by youngsters. Another was an elderly couple had been severely hurt due to a burglars pouring over boiling hot water to steal from them. Hearing these stories makes me feel angry towards the people who did it and realise that lack of respect for elderly is no longer. I may complain at times about slow walkers, drivers who should re-take their test in my opinion or some celebrities on TV like Bruce Forsyth. I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone in such ways like the people in the news report. I think the older generation should be respected. I do think in some cases, they should take a step back.

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