Why I wouldn’t choose to go to a zoo?

As I’ve got older my love for animals is slowly disappearing. Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t like to see any animal in danger or hurt. My love for animals is not a strong one as I’ve got older. Watching David Attenborough show about him turning 90 on BBC 1. I realised that I have no love or want to go to a zoo on safari park. I made the comment to say that “there are so many more places I would take my nephews then to a zoo.” I think it’s because I’ve done them before, I’ve been to Chester Zoo a few times at university. I’ve been to Edinburgh Zoo with friends even Flamingo Land Zoo. Working in Disneyworld, I had no love to go to Animal Kingdom,  it’s the worst park. I think I did the safari ride twice. If you’ve seen an animal once, you’ve seen them all as they’re not about to change. I respect Zoo, as they give opportunity to people who might not get to see them in their natural habitat. I respect their conversation and wanting to protect them. I just find them to be a boring day out. I’ve been on trips with brownies to Zoo, it was nice to see their faces but that was it. I even find farms exactly the same. I wouldn’t pass an opportunity to take my nephews. I wouldn’t want to miss out on the opportunity of taking them and seeing their faces, but if it was up to me, I wouldn’t take them.

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