Relationship status!

Day 11 – Relationship status.

So I knew this question would come up. If you haven’t already guessed from my previous blogs and lack of mention of a partner, that I am single. It doesn’t bother me being on my own or not having that special someone. However there is at times when I do think, if only I had someone to share this with, to share something with or just spend time with. I’ve been working on my own, that I’ve gotten used to not being in a relationship. Also not met anyone to make me think otherwise. I’ve gone on dates, been to the cinema, met someone for dinner, gone to the cinema or whatever it could be. I’m honestly not the type of dating person, everyone thinks I am. Best date I ever had was with 30 men in one night. Before you think I’m a whore, it was on a speed dating night in the Toon. Lots of fun. I would love to do one again, as I found it to be lots of fun. I just think that at the moment I need to get my life together, learn to love me again before going out and meeting anyone. Lots of friends are in relationships, got married, have or having kids and I always think that’s your life, but not for me please… well not at the moment 😉

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