Commuting in and out of work

Day 13 – My commute in and out of work. 

I’ve decided on this blog not to tell you about my commute, the traffic lights I have to sit through, the ques of traffic or the roads or how long it takes. To tell you about the best thing about my commute…..

Every morning I turn the radio on and tune into Jamie Theakston and Emma Bunton’s Breakfast show on Heat London. The show is a good mixture, into telling you the things you need to know in the world, what everyone else listening to is up to and fun games. I love hearing people play pants on fire. A game where a player has to tell them 2 lies and 1 truth, they have to find the truth amongst the lies. Every morning around 7.50am, they sing “Good Morning!” from Singing in the Rain, a chance for the listener to tell them about what’s going on in their day. I got two, one about me coming back from Dublin and the second from me going to Jess’s Wedding. They give people a chance to win trips to Florida, seeing Lionel Ritchie live and loads more. I love hearing the banter between them both and what they get up to, like Emma Bunton scoffing minstrels in bed or Jamie going scuba-diving near the M40. If it wasn’t for them both, their hilarious show, commuting in and out of work in the morning would be very dull. Thanks Jamie and Emma!

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