WARNING: Birthday Fountain Candles

Birthdays. A time to celebrate. A time to spend the day how you please. A time to drink and eat as much as you can especially cake. Today is my dad’s wife (or my step-mother) birthday. Yesterday, Dad asked me to get a cake for us to have after we got back from our meal out. I chose a red velvet cake from Waitrose. Delicious, texture, three layers and looked amazing. Looking through the draws, I couldn’t spot any candles. As Waitrose didn’t have any normal ones, I chose their birthday fountain candle pack including five sparklers. Tonight whilst dad tried to set the sparklers a light and finally succeeded. Me and Michelle, encouraged him to set the birthday fountain off. It lasted over one minute,  was bright and starting to smell. When we set it off, it ended up setting off the carbon dioxide box. Reading the instructions, it didn’t say for outdoor use only. Open windows or nothing. The box has now stopped, however it did worry me when we read you have to call the gas company. Brilliant product, but on warning if you do use one, be aware they are quite bright, it does smell and to keep the windows open and be aware it might set your carbon dioxide box off. As I sit here and write this blog, I do think, are these novelty birthday candles worth it? Should we just stick to regular candles? Why doesn’t Waitose stock them? Why isn’t the warning on the packaging clear?


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