Five fears I have

Day 19 – Five fears that you have. 

Only five? I suppose some of them will be similar to you reading this. Fear of losing your loved ones. Fear of being involved in an attack. Fear of not being worthy of love, wealth and freedom. There are some that I don’t fear no more, rejection, not been good enough, being in pain or illness as I have experienced this. Apart from these, here are my five fears:

  1. Not being a positive role model to my nephews. Being their only blood auntie. I want to make sure that I am a positive role model for them and someone they can turn too. They have so many aunts and uncles, but I want them to remember who I am and I am the original auntie.
  2. Fear of not being perfect. I know no one is perfect, but I do fear that I won’t be perfect and I will end up doing something stupid.
  3. Being alone. I’ve been single for a whilst, my decision but I do fear that I will end up like the cat lady out of the Simpsons.
  4. Dentists. I hate dentists. I know they have to make a living. I really don’t like them and going to see them. I blame the dentist from Guisborough who took out my wisdom teeth and didn’t inject the anaesthetic right.
  5. Heights. I am fine being on the highest floor in a building. I’ve walked over glass flooring when in Las Vegas. I am fine flying and looking out the window to the ground. When it comes to physically walking up a height or being on my feet. I don’t like it. It comes down to trusting myself. Like I said in my 33 things to do before I’m 33 blog. I want to overcome this before I turn 33.
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