First three songs on my iPod

Day 20 – The first three songs which come up on shuffle on my iPod. 

I have a very random selection of music taste. I like everything from contemporary to country, dance tracks to cheesy pop, rock to classic rock  and musicals to symphony. I’m really lucky as I was brought up liking all different music. So my iPod reflects this and the three songs which come up on shuffle.

  1. We Built This City by Starship. This is on my iPod as I have The Muppets soundtrack on. I love the song Life’s a Happy Song and reminds me being a party entertainer. This song also reminds me of my first boyfriend Mal, as its one of his favourite songs and he used to play it in the car a lot!!
  2. Ireland by the Legally Blonde the Musical (London Cast). One of my favourite musical soundtrack of all time. I’ve seen Legally Blonde on stage four times, would go again tomorrow. I’ve watched the YouTube videos countless times. Ireland isn’t one of my favourite songs from the musical, but I do listen to it regular.
  3. Follow You Down by Gin Blossoms. If you know me, you would probably be surprised that I have a Canadian band on my iPod. This song is in the movie How to loose a guy in 10 days. I have a movie soundtrack playlist, which I listen too when driving long journeys. It also has Keith Urban Somebody Like You on it too, as this is the first country song I really loved. See Dad, I do like country too.

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