Food Festivals – Camberley Big Day Out

On Saturday 21st May, I went to Camberley town centre to their big day out event. I didn’t know the event was happening despite living so close. Finding the event on Facebook and being told by Sarah, it promoted having activities for kids as well as holding a farmers market. I decided to head over to check it out.

On arrival, it was very busy to park with lots of families trying to get in and out of the centre. Heading towards the high street, I came across activities for the kids, including a petting farm, a climbing wall, inflatable activity, face painters and a man making giant bubbles. It was filled with families, petting animals, kids screaming and wanting more bubbles or them feeling proud completing a huge inflatable activity or on the climbing wall. There was a performance stage which had acts from the local theatre performing. One act in particular was a young lad on ukulele who was trying to hold the crowd in the rain.

2016-05-21 13.37.40.jpg

2016-05-21 13.36.12.jpg

Walking on further I found the farmers market, consisting of about 15 stalls, not all food. There was a few craft stalls selling candles and personalised jewellery, a plant stall and housewares stall. It had the traditional food stalls like a person selling olives, breads and cupcakes, chutneys and sauces and even a paella man I’ve seen before. The only new stall was a South African selling boerewors (a ring sausage!) and different types of beef jerkey. I sampled a sweet chilli sauce and tasted some home-made bread. Though they were nice I didn’t purchase anything.

I think overall the big day out would have been fun, if my nephews were older. However the streets were busy with families wanting to keep there little ones entertained. The farmers market was very poor with not many stalls and choices. I’ve been to many of these, so I saw a lot of repeat. I think in the future it would need to grow. This could be down to lack of advertising.

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