Why I left teaching?

I accidentally came across a teaching job. I had thought about it but never thought it would happen. Shocked that I passed the practical and micro teach, I was offered the job. Shortly after I was offered a place doing a PGCE in further education. 

My first day I was teaching in the restaurant I was with another tutor who had taught me. I had 21 students staring back at me wondering what I was doing there. Myself thinking exactly the same. I gained confidence over time and got over my nerves. Proving to myself and to the students why I was there.

I got into the work flow was organising events in the restaurants with the students. Helping build the restaurant reputation. Beginning the busy Christmas period, I was teaching more lessons. I was constantly battling with students trying to get them complete assessments, completing roles in the restaurant they hated. Even stopping a student from completing  a vodka eyeball challenge in class.

Away from teaching I was constantly filling out reports and lesson plans. I realised for every 1 hour of teaching it was taking three hours to preparing. When I thought I was helping them, I was soon told it wouldn’t help. I was battling tutors who had lost their passion whilst mine was just starting to light. I didn’t fit in and I soon left after the second academic year was up.

I finished off my PGCE not how I started it. My experience gained me a whole new respect for tutors. For the world of education. To all the teachers I met and taught me. I do miss seeing a student mature and gain experience. I would have to think hard about going back. I know deep down I will go back one day, just not yet.

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