Looking back

It’s day 31. I’ve completed my 30 day writing challenge, it’s not time to reflect on the past 30 days. Like I said in 30 Day Writing Challenge – What it’s about?

First thing I learn’t is that you have to be committed to take on this challenge. Though some days it was hard to blog, I did achieve this 75% of the time. Some of the topics were hard to write, where some I could write quickly and some got me thinking deeply about me.

The hardest blogs really did make me struggle and write the blog. I thought at the start this wouldn’t happen, as I could answer them all. I think it’s because I looked at them too deeply and thoughtfully. Like my three pet peeves on  Day 15 – 30 Day Writing Challenge. I didn’t like writing about a family member I dislike, as I actually like them all on Day 23 – 30 Day Writing Challenge. Not looking back and re-reading them, I’m pleased that I wrote them.

The one that got me thinking deeply was Day 14 – 30 Day Writing Challenge where I had to write about where I would be in 7 years. I honestly don’t like thinking about this, because a lot can happen in 7 years, or even 7 months, 7 days, 7 hours and 7 minutes. I realised life can change you just got to be part of it.

Though I did struggle some of them, a lot of them I found easier to write then when I first started. Like writing about my first love and kiss on Day 3 – 30 Day Writing Challenge or two phrases which make me laugh on Day 12 – 30 Day Writing Challenge.

Overall I am pleased that I completed the challenge, have 30 days worth of blogs to reflect on. I would try and do another one as I think reflecting back at them makes you think.

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