Strange job interviews lead to…. part two!

The time was October 2015, I wrote a blog called Strange job interviews lead to….. I had been job hunting for about four months. I moved from the North-East to come live with my Dad in Surrey. I drove around the area, discovering new places, new opportunities, companies down here. I went to job interviews at a variety of places, like a posh car manufactures, an events company, hotels and small businesses. I was offered a job to live in the Channel Islands, rejected by an events company, offered two jobs one for a small local business and one for a large toy company.I chose the toy company.

Nearly seven months later, here I am, as it has came to an end. I’m not going to write and say what happened, or what I thought about colleagues or spill details about working for them. I will say this, it gave me a lot of opportunities, met some fabulous people, it gave me a chance to reflect not on who I am as a person but what I want in life. I’m grateful to have been given the opportunity. 

I was back on the job hunt. Sending my CV out to companies and waiting for a phone call offering me a job interview. I’ve been answering the questions again like how would your friends describe you in three words or where do you see yourself in seven years? (See this blog for my answer!) I am lucky that after 10 working days of leaving my last role, I was offered an interview, accepted and took the interview and was offered the job in less than 24 hours.

I am now working for a new company, similar role to my last but I am excited to let it all begin. To meet new people. To start a new chapter of my life. When I left my old job, I was upset, but now I’m not, I’m ready to let new adventures begin….

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