Things I like to do when summer is here….

It’s the start of June, and the weather is awful outside, pouring down with rain, drizzly on lunchtimes and cold. With the hope of brighter, warmer weather on its way. It’s making me all excited about Summer. Things I like to do when summer is here….

 Pimms. It’s bright and colourful with chopped strawberry, cucumber, orange and mint in it. It’s refreshing to drink and perfect when having a BBQ or sat in a beer garden. I really do think Summer is the best time to drink it.


Sitting in the garden. I always neglect gardens as I don’t like gardening. Last summer I really enjoyed sitting in dad’s garden on a night time or over the weekend.

Ice-cream. Starting in my new job I’m close to a delicious ice-cream parlour. So looking forward to trying new flavours. When at mums there’s nothing best then going to Suggetts ice-cream shop.


Fruit picking. Past time summer favourite as a child. I re-did this last summer and enjoyed it. As I could come home and make jam. Not sure if you can do it in the south, but it be great to find somewhere.


Music Festivals. I’ve never been to a real festival like Glastonbury, Leeds or Reading. I’ve been to smaller ones in the North-East and in Chester. I like hearing the live performances on the radio and on TV. I loved watching Glastonbury last year on the TV.

Going to stately homes. Past time, summer event I did when I was little. However now I’m older I appreciate them more. Going for a stroll around the garden. Looking at statues and the views. Going around the house learning about the history. I really hope this year I get to go to Highclere Castle and Chartwell House.


What do you like to do when summer is here?!

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