What to wear to a job interview

You want to dazzle your interviewer. You want to make a good first impression, as you only get one. You want to shine through your experience, showing wit, understanding of the job, skills you’ve achieved and ability to do the job. It doesn’t matter if you follow the latest collections in Vogue or have your own style, you need that first impression to be the best.

Here are my tips:

Keep it comfy. The most important one. I’ve turned up in outfits with tight trousers, tight shirts and felt very uncomfortable. Keep it comfy, keep it so you can move around too. You never know what you might do in a job interview. If you feel relaxed in what you wear, you’ll feel relaxed in the interview.

Dress for the occasion. Whilst doing your research on the company, bare it in mind how you should dress. However, this doesn’t always work. I went for an interview at Birds Eye, they had a very relaxed dress code. I think, if you go for a creative role you should dress creatively. I would check the company, see if you can find out if they say about their dress code on websites.

Splash of colour. When you think of going for a job interview, you think of going in business wear which is generally black or grey. Overtime I have found that you should wear colour. This could be in a bag, scarf, shoes etc. You don’t want to dazzle them with bright colour but you want to show your personality.

Keep clean. A pet peeve of an old boss, one she did judge on was fingernails and teeth. She didn’t like it when people came in with chipped fingernails or yellow teeth. Another one is overpowering perfume and sprays. Nothing worse then making your interviewer cough all the way through. So just be aware of these.

Check out Pinterest. Pinterest is fabulous and a great app and tool. When your stuck for ideas and not sure what to wear. I strongly recommend going on and having a look. I have a clothes board where I pin ideas for job interviews, if lucky, work outfits. A great tool to have.

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