One year of blogging!

Exactly one year ago, on the 5th June 2016, sat in my sisters house, babysitting my nephew watching Bridget Jones’s Diary. I started this blog and posted my first ever one called My first ever blog…. I’ve wanted to start one for a whilst since seeing the movie Julia and Julie. A movie about a 30 something blogging and cooking her way through the Julia Childs cookery book.

It’s gone so quick and I cannot believe that my blog is one year old today. I’m proud of my blog. It’s taught me some valuable lessons. Like checking blogs before you post. Making sure what you post is current and relevant. Having a structure in your blog. I will admit my blog is not a foodie blog, beauty blog, fashion blog or travel blog. However I love all these things. That’s why I named my blog It’s a Charlotte thing, as it gives me a chance to blog on all these topics.

Starting my blog the thing which has surprised me is the amount of people who follow my blog, post comments and view my blog. If you are one of them, I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to you! This has helped me and inspired me to push on and create and write more blogs. I never thought I would have anyone reading my blog. To know 5,716 people have read my blog, is AMAZING!

Looking back over the year, I’ve had some good times like announcing to the world I’m an Aunty…. again! with Eoin being born, telling you I have a new job in Strange job interviews lead to…. part two! and going to Dublin for Jess’s hen weekend. With the good, the sadness is around the corner, so blogs like “Owl always Love you!” and Practice Makes Perfect. Its seen me write about stuff I’ve never heard of or tried like BBQ Bacon Scotch Eggs.

I hope in one more year on 5th June 2017, my blog is developed some more. More people discover it. My writing style improves. My posts become more fun as my life grows. I complete my bucket list. Don’t forget to follow me on InstagramTwitter and Pinterest.

Once again, I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to you for reading and following me!

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