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Travelling into London this morning made me appreciate, my work journey into my new role. Battling traffic just to get a car park space, to park in for the day. Walked to the station, battled through the barriers, and got onto a busy non-air conditioned train. Arriving into Waterloo you have to be quick on your feet, with the vast amount of people. Going underground I got on a packed underground changing at Embankment. I finally got to my final destination London Victoria. From there I had to find where I was going, around a busy city filled with tourists and people trying to get to work.

My step mother has been doing this for years and years. This morning I never realised how tough it can be. The busyness of the streets, trains and tubes was tough to handle. Seeing a woman teaching her child how to read whilst climbing stairs out the station. Men who refuse to give up seats on trains to pregnant ladies. That’s disgusting! The hussle of the streets, sound of cars beeping their horns and police cars flying around the city.

This morning it made me realise that waking up tomorrow and getting in an air-conditioned car with Heart London on the radio. Commuting in makes me appreciate my journey, respect my step mother and to anyone doing it, day in day out.

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