Restaurant Review: Bubleology, Soho

Whilst in London last week, I visited the shop Bubbleology to try bubble tea. Having seen people vlog about it, like my friend OfficialLuke and seen articles in the The Guardian. I was intrigued to try this new trend, as Bubbleology has various locations in London, I was lucky to be close to one. Hailing from Taiwan, bubble tea is a flavoured fruit or milk tea, that is served with natural chewy tapioca balls.Today Bubbleology has expanded with several locations across London and a store in Leeds too.

2016-06-07 16.28.57

Situated on Russel Street in the popular Soho, this small little tea shop has a vibrant atmosphere. Hearing it gets busy, I was expecting a long que as it was early afternoon on a Tuesday I got lucky.

2016-06-07 16.33.07.jpg

Walking into Bubbleology, I was greeted by a young girl who they call Bubbleologists. She explained what it’s all about. She explained that bubble tea, can be served hot or cold, can have a wide mix of flavours which can be combined together. You drink it through a fat straw, which sucks up the favourable tapioca chewy balls. These are nicknamed ‘pearls’ or ‘boba’, which have gradually grown to be called bubbles, hence the name Bubbleology. By shaking the bubbles in a specific way and by their own machine, means they grow and release flavours.

2016-06-07 16.30.39

Standing there, I chose to have Strawberry and Ginger. She made my tea, and asked me if I would like more ginger which I opted for. The drink came in a clear cup, with a giant straw to use to suck up the liquid and the tapioca balls.

Taking a seat I tasted my drink for the first time. My first thought was ‘if this is science I could get used to it’ my second was ‘these tapioca balls are interesting to taste’ my third was ‘WOW no wonder it’s popular.’ The seating area was relaxed and comfortable with chairs and tables.

2016-06-07 16.33.21

I’m not in London, as often I would like to be, next time I’m there, I am popping back to try some more. I think next time a Vanilla Tea, just to try and milk flavoured one!

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