How to do the last day in work…

Leaving a job on the last day is always a weird day to do. You have thoughts of, are you doing the right thing or what’s going to happen next and a mixed bag of emotions. I think the hardest bit for me was saying goodbye to co-workers and making sure I left positively. I got told, to leave like this as you never know if you walk back in. I’ve read some amusing blogs about 23 evil things to do on your last day. Some of them were quite amusing, a few I would chose not to do. So here are my tips on what to do:

Send a farewell message. Keep it short and brief and to the point. Thank people for their time and put a happy note to end with. Remember this is not your out of office, so you can say more in it, but keep it brief and to the point.

Take treats in. For me I took brownies and flapjack as they kept my sugar high and distracted me in thinking about what was happening.

Don’t say anything stupid. A simple one but an important one, don’t say anything stupid and be truthful too. When in exit interviews, be positive and truthful as you can / want to be.

Clear your desk out. Obviously start this before you leave, start taking things home so you don’t have lots to take out on the last day. If your popular, you’ll get leaving gifts and your hands be full of things to take home.

Clear your emails out. Like the one before clear your emails, forward on to anyone taking on projects or tasks. Clear them out if they’re not worthy.

Prepare for take off. Say goodbye to people in person who matter. In my last role, I went and said thank you to a few key people as I didn’t know if I was going to see them later on. Lucky I have, but it’s still nice to to say thank you.

Celebrate. Goodbyes are done, exit interviews complete, cleared your desk, set your out of office and prepared for take off. It’s now time to go off and celebrate. Your leaving for a reason, so remember to keep that in your mind. It’s the beginning of a new adventure, so go off and celebrate!

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