West End Fair

2016-06-04 16.00.38.jpg

Last weekend it was the West End Fair. This was my second time I’ve been to the fair (check out last year’s blog). Last year I went with Sarah, Adam and Joshua as well as Dad and Michelle. This year it was just me, Dad and Michelle. Walking around, the fair it had similar stalls to last year, a plate smashing stall, cake stall, raffles and a win a bottle of wine for 50p. Michelle won a bottle of white wine and I won a bottle of red on the raffle.

2016-06-04 15.14.11

Moving on we walked around and browsed around the stalls whilst drinking a glass of pimms. I spotted a Punch and Judy show, which was fun to see as you don’t see them as much as you should. There was also a pony and cart rides, which wasn’t there last year. I was very jealous and thought if Joshua and Eoin was here I would drag them onto it, just so I can have a ride.

2016-06-04 15.24.04

In the middle of the fair there was a performance area. Last year there was an old lady doing zumba who was so athletic she put everyone to shame. This year there was Irish dancing kids and a group of adults doing 50s dancing. They arrived in an old pick up truck and had the big dresses. After a quick watch we decided to go to the pub to watch the horse racing.

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