Moroccan Meatballs

As I’ve been cooking now for many years, I store many recipes in the back of my head. Home favourites like Mums lamb chops and sausages or Dad’s fish pie. One particular recipe I’ve kept in the back of my mind is Moroccan meatballs.

I used to cook this a lot at university, as it was great meal to have before a night out or when hungover the next day. You can make the sauce part and have it without the Moroccan spices and with pasta instead. You can have it in a bread roll with grated cheese for a fakeaway Meatball sub.

Since leaving university I’ve discovered Schwartz Moroccan spice is great to use, really brings out the flavour without messing around with lots of herbs and spices. Makes it quicker and easier to cook. Fry off the meatballs, add tomatoes, the spice, water and honey if wanted sultanas and apricots.

2016-06-13 19.35.55.jpg

I put it with couscous mixed with spring onions, flaked almonds and mint. If possible add in pomegranate seeds for crunch. It really works. Serve with pita bread and yogurt and cucumber mixed together.

I love food like this which you can pick at, mix of flavours, crunch and taste.

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